Commercial Electric

At Trout Electric we provide electrical services to commercial buildings from Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and the cities in Los Angeles county that are east of downtown Los Angeles. We are licensed and insured. We offer emergency service 24/7 because everything in your commercial building depends on your electrical system working properly and safely.

Our Services

Trout Electric employs the very best electricians so that the work we perform is done right. Our motto says it all, “Not Every Electrician Can Be a Trout”. Our rigorous standards and testing go beyond most other electrical companies. We consistently are given 5 star reviews on the most popular review sites such as Yelp and Google so you know that when we fix your switches and outlets, lighting, panel boxes, circuit breakers, EV charger, or wiring you can trust Trout Electric has done the job right and at a fair and guaranteed price.

Electrical Panels, Circuit Breakers, and Fuses

Your electrical panel most of the time just needs a new circuit breaker or fuse even if the electrical panel is an older model. Other times the electrical panel needs to be upgraded to properly and safely handle your commercial buildings higher electrical needs. Whether a circuit breaker or an upgrade, Trout Electric can fix it right at a fair and guaranteed price.

Electrical Vehicle Chargers

Trout electric knows more about EV chargers than any other electrician in Southern California having installed thousands of EV chargers for every make and model of electric car. We pioneered the installation of EV chargers and are recognized by the major car companies as an expert in this field. Wherever you want to place your EV charger in a garage or parking area we can install it and hook it up to your commercial buildings electrical system.

Office & Retail Building Remodeling and Renovations

Are you renovating or remodeling your office or retail space? Trout Electric can help you complete your remodel or renovation with new or upgraded wiring and circuits, add and move outlets and switches, install new lighting, wire your displays and signs. When it is time to remodel, renovate, or upgrade your businesses electrical system or property Trout Electric can work with your plans or your contractor to bring it all together.

Electrical Repairs

Sometimes a switch, an outlet, or a light stops working. This can slow or bring a business to a stop. Trout Electric can troubleshoot and repair any commercial building or retail store’s electrical problem as our trucks are stocked from our own warehouse with the products we need to make the electrical repair.

Outlets and Switches

Today, there are lots of different types of outlets and switches to support the needs of offices in commercial buildings and retail spaces including outlets that have unique requirements including being able to be monitored and activated remotely. Trout Electric can replace, repair, and install these types of outlets and switches.


New lights in a ceiling such as can lights, commercial lighting fixtures, lighting for a drop ceiling, lighting for signs or signage including spot lighting or backlighting, bathroom/kitchen lights, warehouse lights, sconces, and outdoor and parking area lights can be wired and installed by Trout Electric including ways to control the lighting via dimmers or smart lights that work with automation apps and software.

GFI/GFC Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Commercial buildings and retail spaces are required to have GFI outlets in areas where water or moisture are prevalent in order to prevent people from experiencing electric shock. Trout Electric can upgrade regular outlets to GFI outlets, replace GFI outlets that are broken, or install GFI outlets in new areas of the building.

Electrical Automation

Today’s commercial property and retail space has to be able to support lighting, sound, and hardware systems that are tied to the cloud and that can work together at the touch of a button or via an App. Trout Electric can professionally install or upgrade your electrical system to support an integrated lighting, sound, cashier, and computer system for whatever type of business you are in.

Electrical Rewiring

Older properties with new owners or tenants sometimes need to upgrade their electrical systems in order to support additional equipment or office space and higher AMP requirements of the new equipment. Trout Electric can upgrade and rewire your commercial building or retail location to support these electrical requirements.

Emergency Generators

Commercial buildings and retail locations sometimes require or need a backup generator. Properly setting up the wiring for a backup generator is critical to make sure that the electricity created by the generator is powering the building. Trout Electric has experience in properly hooking up emergency generators to the appropriate panel box and electrical system.

24/7 Emergency Electrical Repairs

When the electricity goes out it can shut down the entire business. Trout Electric can be there fast. Trout’s Emergency Troubleshooter Team is made up of the best of the best. We are the best troubleshooters in the industry and our trucks are stocked from our own warehouse so we can fix it while we are there.

Go Green!

Every business is different and they all have different wants and needs. However, there’s one thing they all have in common, and that’s saving money. Our professional technicians can assess your company’s workspace and provide you with options and products to turn wasted energy into profit. Call Trout Electric today and start saving money!