Commercial Electrical Services

Trout Electric provides complete electrical services to businesses and commercial spaces in Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and cities in Los Angeles County east of downtown Los Angeles.

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We're licensed and insured, and we offer 24/7 emergency service, even on holidays. Let us inspect, maintain, repair, or upgrade your commerical electrical systems to ensure that your equipment is protected from damage, your employees have the reliable power they need to do their jobs, and that your building remains safe from electrical shock and fire hazard.

Our Commercial Services & Guarantees

Trout Electric employs the best electricians in the business; our rigorous hiring and testing standards go well beyond those of other electrical contract companies in Southern California. And testing doesn’t end with the hire — only after a year of apprenticeship are Trout electricians permitted to answer calls alone. Our motto says it all, “Not Every Electrician Can Be a Trout.” All Trout electricians are held to a high standard of professional work and personal conduct.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what our residential and commercial customers are saying on review sites like Yelp and Google, where we consistently receive the highest ratings. When you call us to fix your switches and outlets, lighting installations, panel boxes, and circuit breakers, reconfigure or upgrade your office wiring, or install level 3 EV chargers on your parking lot, be assured that Trout Electric will do the job right at a fair and guaranteed price.

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Electrical Panels, Circuit Breakers & Fuses

Electrical Panels, Circuit Breakers & Fuses

An electrical panel distributes electricity to the entire office or building. Replacing the panel is usually a last resort; more often, you may need a new circuit breaker or fuse, even if your electrical panel is older. But at other times, electrical panels should be replaced and upgraded to ensure than they can to the loads of a modern business. Whether a circuit breaker replacement or a panel upgrade, Trout will correctly diagnose your electrical problem and implement the right repair for your business and budget.

Electrical Vehicle Chargers

Level 3 Electric Vehicle Chargers

When it comes to electric vehicle charger installation and repair, Trout has been doing it longer and better than any other electrical company in Southern California. We’ve installed thousands of level 1, level 2, and level 3 EV chargers for every make and model of electric car. Having pioneered the installation of EV chargers in SoCal, we’re recognized by major car companies like Tesla as experts in the field. Let us know where you want to place the level 3 chargers for your commercial space, and we’ll set them up and maintain them for you.

Office & Retail Building Remodeling & Renovations

Office & Retail Building Remodeling & Renovations

If you’re moving into a new office space, you’re renovating. If you’re expanding an existing space, you’re renovating. In either case, you may need new or upgraded wiring and circuits, more outlets and switches, new energy-efficient lighting installed, or high capacity wiring to displays and signs. Trout can help with all things electrical, inspecting existing systems for load capacity, recommending the best placement for surge protecting and GFI outlets, and so on. We’ll work with your construction contractors and building management to bring it all together.

Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repairs

When your electrical system breaks, your profits and maybe even your safety and inventory are at risk. Sometimes a single switch, an outlet, or a light stops working and can slow or halt a business. Trout’s licensed electricians can troubleshoot and repair the electrical problem in any commercial building or retail store, and respond to your call at any time of day or night, weekdays and weekends alike. You won’t ever have to wait for parts. Our trucks are stocked from our very own warehouse, and in most cases, we’ll resolve your problem in a single visit. Our consistent 5 star reviews are a clear indication that not only do we fix it right, we do the work fast and at a fair price.

Electrical Outlets & Switches

Electrical Outlets & Switches

Today, you have far more options for outlets and switches, which are evolving almost as fast as smart phones! You may want to install smart outlets that can be monitored and activated remotely, dimmer switches that give you more control over the lighting ambiance of your office space, or switches that can be programmed to work with various assistants and apps. Trout Electric can not only repair any older outlets and switches that aren’t working, we can replace your “dumb” outlets and switches with newer, energy-saving smart versions, and install a system that even gives you feedback on your energy use hour by hour and day by day.

Electrical Lighting Installation & Repair

Lighting Installation & Repair

New lights in an office space can make all the difference, not only saving you money on energy bills but creating a softer, less industrial, much more pleasant work environment for employees. Trout has installed every kind of indoor and outdoor commercial lighting system imaginable, including all types of commercial lighting fixtures, lighting for a drop ceiling, lighting for signs or signage (including spot lighting and backlighting), bathroom and kitchen lights, warehouse lights, and sconces. We can wire and install outdoor and parking area lights as well, and configure smart lights to work with dimmers and apps so that they can be controlled remotely or automatically.

GFI/GFC Ground Fault Circuit Interruptors

GFI/GFC Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

GFI outlets are specialty fixtures designed to prevent electric shock in areas where water is prevalent. Commercial buildings and retail spaces are required by law to have GFI outlets in areas affected by moisture — for instance, outdoor outlets, or outlets close to washbasins and bathing facilities. Trout Electric can upgrade standard outlets to GFI outlets, replace broken GFI outlets, or install GFI outlets in new areas of the building.

Electrical Automation

Electrical Automation

Today’s commercial property and retail space has to be able to support lighting, sound, and hardware systems that are tied to the cloud and that can work together at the touch of a button or via an app installed on a smart phone. Trout Electric can professionally install or upgrade and configure your electrical system to support integrated lighting, sound, cashier, and computer stations for your business, no matter what business you're in.

Electrical Rewiring

Electrical Rewiring

Are you a new tenant occupying an older commercial property? Then you may be in line for an electrical system upgrade to support your office or retail space and the higher AMP requirements of new lights and equipment. Trout can upgrade and rewire your commercial building or retail location to make it much safer, more efficient, and to meet the electrical demands of the 21st century..

Emergency Electrical Generators

Emergency Generator Installation & Repair

Along with the summer heat waves come the rolling blackouts, an unpleasant occasional fact of life in Southern California. Having a backup source of energy may seem like a luxury to some people, but it can be critical to a business, and it’s certainly critical to your comfort when it’s 100 degrees outside with the mercury still rising and no relief from the power company in sight. A reserve electrical generator will get you through the blackouts and rough patches, keep your appliances running, and keep your inventory safe. Trout Electric has many years of experience installing emergency generators for standalone business and entire commercial complexes, as well as installing the appropriate panel boxes and electrical systems to support those generators.

Commercial Building

24/7 Emergency Commercial Electrical Repairs

An electrical outage can and probably will shut down your entire business. The phones may still work, but not much else, and if your phone system depends on the internet, even the phones won’t offer a lifeline. Nearly every business experiences an electrical emergency at some point, and when every minute you’re down is costing you dollars, you’ll want a repair service that can respond fast, correctly diagnose the problem, and fix it immediately.

Trout’s Emergency Troubleshooter Team is the "special forces" of electrical repair, composed of the best electricians in the business and available for any emergency, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, even on holidays. We stock our trucks from our very own warehouse. You won’t have to wait a few hours or even a couple of days for the right part to arrive.

Energy Efficient Solutions for Business

Go Green with an Energy-Efficient Commercial Space

Every business is different, with different goals and needs. But all businesses have one thing in common — they love to save money, and no business wants to throw money away.

Going green is one of the best moves you can make for your business, and not just in terms of public relations. You may be wasting far more energy than you realize with an antiquated or inefficient electrical system, which adds up to big money in the long run.

Call Trout Electric today to have our professional technicians assess your company’s workspace and provide you with options and products to turn wasted energy into profit.